Macross VOXPlus Mod: YF-19 Colour Schemes

The YF-19 is the "hero" mecha from the show Macross Plus. The Macross Mecha Manual gives a good description of this great variable fighter:

"The YF-19 was designed with several technologies that would become the standard for those next generation variable fighters built to fulfill the operational demands of the UNAF/UNS. These technologies included an active stealth system, an anti-projectile shield, an optional fold booster for interstellar travel and a fighter-scale pin-point barrier system which sheathed portions of the variable fighter in an energy barrier that could move across the hull to intercept and defeat incoming fire. Installed Shinnakasu thermonuclear engines provided the YF-19 with unparalleled thrust, also allowing the variable fighter to attain orbital velocity over an Earth-class planet unassisted. The VF-11 achieved much for Shinsei Industries with a stripped-down, basic design but the YF-19 benefited from advances such that Shinsei built the craft with much greater standard ordnance. Superior miniaturization and the larger airframe of the YF-19 created space for internal missiles mounted in the engine/leg units that maintained the variable fighter stealth capabilities. With up to four internal missile palettes, the YF-19 additionally utilized a fixed rearward anti-aircraft laser gun turret, two semi-fixed converging energy cannons in each wing (optionally laser cannons) and a new Howard GU-15 standard external Gatling gun pod (with field-replaceable magazines). The YF-19 was initially a difficult craft to operate in the testing phase and was flown by seven different test pilots during various trials. Shinsei was nonetheless determined to move forward and the YF-19 achieved incredible success in the Super Nova AVF, proving that Shinsei could rely upon practical proven methods for a superior next generation variable fighter."

This mod provides new textures to replace default one included with Macross VOXPlus. The overal design of the skins is based on Roy Focker's VF-0 from Macross Zero. The skins included are color variations similar to those of characters the film Macross Do You Remember Love?

The different versions are:

Yellow - Roy Type
Red - Hikaru Type
Blue - Max Type
Green - Kakizaki Type