Warped Games

Perhaps the best thing about computers is that they can be used to play games. It all started with Pong. Then the Atari arrived with games like Tank Battle. Then things really started to take off with the Commadore 64. Our house had over 150 games of every kind. All the money was spent on cracking software. Piracy was rampant in those days. Seems to me it was the same way it is now with CD burners. But that's enough social commentary. Anyway, I often think about the old C64 days with Bruce Lee, Fort Apocolypse, Beach Head, Robotron, Forbidden Forest, Transformers, Lode Runner, and on and on. Sweet days of childhood. In the spirit of games that have no hope of standing up to today's system requirements behemoths, Warped Productions is proud to provide some small games that hopefully will give the player some tiny amount of enjoyment.

Windows Games

Dead Ducks

The name says it all doesn't it? Basically, you get to shoot ducks. At least they aren't real ducks. So don't get all PC on me. Basically, ducks just fly around, you have a shotgun, and then stuff happens. Don't feel guilt, there are some pretty mean ducks. This game was written using the Stupid Monkey Game Engine.

Screaming Valkyries [on hold]

This is a Macross fan game that is an old school side scroller. You will be able to fly several mecha from the great world of Macross, such as the VF-1, VF-11 and VF-19. In your way will be enemy pods. Scary, I know. This project is coming along well, so stay tuned. To keep up to date with the status check back to the game site.

Java Games


Your city is under seige by a barrage of Scud missles. You and your trusty Patriot Missile Launcher are the only thing protecting the city. You must prevent its destruction! You will need Java installed to play (likely you have this installed already).

Warped Asteroids

Fly around in your ultra-detailed starfighter and destroy those dangerous asteroids! As you can probably guess, this is an Asteroids clone. I made for fun back when I was in school. They say immitation is the best form of flattery...

Game Engine

Stupid Monkey Game Engine

This is a little 2D game engine built on top of DirectX using C++. It is an open source project and full source code is included. It is a set of simple classes that provides services that can be used display and animate bitmaps, play sounds in WAV format, and gather user input from the mouse and keyboard. This allows the programmer to concentrate on the game specific details, and not worry as much about all the low level headaches.