Jedi Knight Series Tutorials

Replacing Jaden Korr in Jedi Academy by Prime [31.10.2003]

Adding New Character Classes to JA Singleplayer by Prime [18.11.2003]

Adding New Lightsaber Hilts to JA Singleplayer by Prime [13.01.2004]

KOTOR Series Articles

TSL In-Game Console Codes FAQ by Max "Goaliexam" Cutler [16.10.2006]

Running KOTOR in Windows Vista by Prime [01.03.2006]

Humorous Sith Lords Walkthrough by Scorchy [01.05.2008]

Q & A with David Gaider, Leader Writer KoTOR I by CrisG [01.05.2008]

Interview with "The Sith Lords" Writer Chris Avellone by [09.06.2008]

HolowanLaboratories YouTube Channel for KOTOR Modding Tutorials by Marius Fett [09.06.2008]

Game Story-related Material

KOTOR Comic Series Issues 1-6 Review by Jae Onasi [25.07.2006]

KOTOR Comic Issue 7 Review by Jae Onasi [12.09.2006]

Modding Tips

Successful Mod Team Tips by Valve Developer Community [1.05.2008]

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