TSL Mod: Imperial Stormtrooper

This mod adds Imperial stormtroopers to The Sith Lords. It alters the game in the same manner as the KOTOR version. This add new items for stormtrooper body armour and blaster as well as replace all the Sith troopers with stormtroopers.

PART 1: Player Wearable Stormtrooper Armour

This add stormtrooper armour that is wearable by players and party NPCs. The mod includes both the body armour suit, helmet, and a blsater. They can be equiped independently of each other. Along with altering the characters appearance, the stormtrooper armour provides the following bonuses to the player characters:

Body Armour:
Defense +10
Max Dexterity Bonus +0
Limited environmental protection

Awareness +2

PART 2: Sith Trooper Replacement

This replaces all the Sith troopers (the guys with the shiny metalic armour) with Imperial stormtroopers. All other features and behaviors of the Sith troopers will remain the same, with only their appearance altered.