JA Mod: Jedi Master Shinobu

Qui-Zan Shinobu (pronounced Qw-eye Zan Shin-o-boo) is a character that I made up back when I played Dark Forces II (and he has seen a few incarnations). He is a Jedi Master that wears dark gray robes with black boots, belt, and tabards. He uses a blue lightsaber (but of course you can use whatever you want).

This skin is just a minor colour and touch-up tweek if Tounces and Co. awesome Mace Windu model, which can be found at Driving Cat Studios. Please check it out as well. This version updates the face and head a bit, and changes his robes to be dark gray with black tabards and black boots (which are a re-colour of their Qui-Gon Jinn model, also found at Driving Cat Studios.