Skyrim Mod: Blades Samurai Armour and Kimonos

Version 4.2 is out!

This mod adds a variety of samurai-themed armours, kimonos, and weapons for all genders and races. As it is gear intended for the Blades it aims to be as lore friendly as possible, but it should be useful by any melee focused character. All items are craftable (armours and weapons at the forge and kimonos at the tanning rack), and the armours and swords may be tempered for increasing quality.

All items are non-replacers and does not alter any blades gear. The ratings for the armours are identical to the default Blades Armour. The kimonos have an armour ratings of about 25. Info is provided below for players who wish to change certain details.

In order to be able to have a single quiver for all arrow types, "Akaviri arrows" can be crafted at the forge from regular arrows in bunches of 10, e.g. 10 Elven Arrows to 10 Akaviri Elven Arrows. These arrows have the same damage and stats as the defaults. The colour of the quiver is chosen when the arrow is crafted. Regular arrows with their respective quivers still function normally, so there is no requirement to craft them into Akaviri arrows.

Armour and weapons are in seperate .esp's, so either or both can be used.

The Quest

The Dovahkiin Armour is unique and can only be found by completing a quest. The quest is triggered from Sky Haven Temple by reading the note on the table in the equipment room, and taking the key from the lore box.

Screenshots (some are older versions) of some of the items:

Blades O-yoroi Armour - black with gold lacing
Blades Nuinobe Armour - black with red lacing
Blades Hotoke Armour - black with blue lacing
Blades Do-maru Armour - red with black lacing
Blades Haramaki Armour - blue with black lacing
Blades Hatamoto Kimono - traditional black and grey
Blades Koshogumi Kimono - black and white
Blades Kensai Kimono - black and blue
Blades Dragon Kimono - black and red with dragon theme
Blades Dragonborn Kimono - black with gold dragon theme
Blades Daimyo Kimono - red and blue with flower scheme
Blades Ronin Kimono - Samurai Jack theme
Blades Shihanke Kimono - Jin theme from Samurai Champloo
Blades Nyokan Kimono - pink and flowers for females
Blades Kengo Kimono - Ukyo theme from Samurai Shodown series

You can find the full readme file that is included with the mod here. It covers all the included items and lots of other information.

This mod is compressed in .7z format. You can find and download 7-Zip here.

To get version 4.2, right-click save link as...

To get low-res versions of armour cuirass and kimono textures to help game performance, right-click save link as...

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