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Darth Talon Mod Appears on YouTube [ 29.11.07 ]

I love free publicity, and Shem has given me some by posting this video on YouTube. It is the confrontation with Yuthura and Uthar in KOTOR. This particular clip uses my Darth Talon mod. Thanks for the free pub, Shem!

Lucasarts and Bioware team up [ 30.10.07 ]

Well the Bioware news just keeps on coming. From the press release...

"LucasArts and BioWare Corp. today announced that they have entered into an agreement to create an interactive entertainment product. The product, details of which will be unveiled at a later date, will be developed and published by BioWare and LucasArts, and will push the boundaries of the gaming market by utilizing the strengths of both companies to deliver an innovative, high-quality experience.

“LucasArts has a deep commitment to developing compelling stories and characters for the unique medium of interactive entertainment, and we have been searching for a developer that shares this value. We found this in BioWare,” said Jim Ward, president of LucasArts. “Through our previous collaborations, we know that BioWare has an impressive ability to blend gripping stories with technological advancements, and we believe that our upcoming product will deliver an experience that will span the traditional boundaries of video game entertainment.”

“BioWare’s mission is to deliver the best story and character-driven games in the world, delivering powerful emotional experiences to our fans.” said Ray Muzyka, chief executive officer, BioWare Corp. Added Greg Zeschuk, president of BioWare Corp., “The collaboration with LucasArts allows us to combine our passion for creating high quality and innovative experiences with those of a company dedicated to bringing only the finest games to market."

We'll have to wait and see what all this results in, but I'm sure it can only be good things!

EA buys Bioware and Pandemic Studios [ 12.10.07 ]

Normally I would just throw such a news item on the side of the page, but I feel that this is a big enough event to warrant more attention. It seems that EA is aquiring Bioware and Pandemic Studios. The big question is what happens to these development houses and the kind of products they will produce in the future. Given EA's track record, I doubt that this move will sustain or improve games made by these companies.

And judging from the response on the Bioware forums just about everyone agrees with me.

Let's hope we are wrong...

KOTOR: Yuthura Ban to Darth Talon Conversion Released [ 19.08.07 ]

Yuthura Ban is the one of the main Sith at the academy on Korriban in KOTOR. This mod changes her appearance to that of Darth Talon, a Sith from the Star Wars: Legacy comics. This is a full body replacement which gives Yuthura Sith tattoos similar to Darth Maul. It also gives her a new body that has patches of armour plating.

imperial officer

This mod only affects the appearance of Yuthura, but included is a disquise item that will change the appearance of any player character to Darth Talon. You can find out more about the Legacy comics at the Dark Horse website.

You can download this mod here.

Mass Effect Character Creation Video [ 14.08.07 ]

Mass Effect is probably the one game that would make me go out and buy an XBox 360 soley for it. It looks simply spectacular, and comes with the Bioware track record.

Here is a recent video detailing some of the aspects of the game, specifically character creation. It looks as though the options are endless.

A Look at Some Games Coming Down the Pipe [ 13.08.07 ]

Some initial views of some of some anticipated Lucasarts games are slowing starting to pop up.

Eurogamer has a preview of Star Wars: Forced Unleashed that gives some hints as to what players can expect. They report that there is a lot to like, but also some disappointing aspects, such as quite a short experience and will likely not compete with the JK series in the lightsaber department.

C3 News has a short video from Comic-Con 07 of Lego Indiana Jones from Traveller's Tales. Fans of the Lego SW series should find a lot that is familiar, and enjoy their take on the Indy series.

Carth Armour on the Way [ 19.06.07 ]

I have another small mod that is almost completed. I have only worked on it sparingly, but it will allow Carth to wear Republic military gear like other Republic soldiers. There will be both a helmeted and unhelmeted version. This mod will be for KOTOR only. Hopefully I'll get off my ass and finish it sooner rather than later...

L0rdReV@n88's ARC Trooper Mod [ 14.04.07 ]

L0rdReV@n88 has created an ARC Trooper mod for TSL based on the textures from my clone trooper mod. You can find the mod over at

Running KOTOR on Vista & Force Unleashed Tech Vids [ 01.03.07 ]

There has been lots of complaints about being unable to run the KOTOR series games (and a lot of other things for that matter) in Windows Vista. In most cases this is likely due to compatability issues. I've added some steps that might address some of these issues. You can find them in the Tutorials section here.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is of course the new game coming from Lucasarts that will be the first Star Wars game to take full advantage of the next gen consoles. It promises over the top force powers and the chance to play as Darth Vaders apprentice in the timeframe between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. There are some demo videos showing some of the new technology that will be used in the game.

KOTOR & TSL: Imperial Officers Released [ 27.02.07 ]

More stuff for both KOTOR and TSL games. This mod replaces the uniforms for the Sith officers in both games with new ones modeled after the Imperial officers seen in Star Wars episodes 4-6. For the KOTOR, an additional admiral uniform replaces the one worn by Saul Karath.

imperial officer

There are two types of basic uniforms included. The main one is the more common grey naval uniform. The second is the black stormtrooper officer uniform. I tried to maintain some level of accuracy, so each uniform has accurate insignias for their rank bandages on their chests.

You can download the KOTOR version of this mod here.

The TSL version of this mod is here.

NWN Samurai Portrait [ 15.01.07 ]

samurai portrait A new portrait for NWN has been added. It is based on the awesome samurai piece created by Harvey Tolibao. The colour scheme is a bit different and more stylized than most NWN portraits, but hopefully players will still find it appealing.

You can get the mod here in the Neverwinter Nights section.

NWN Links Added [ 12.01.07 ]

Added some links relating to Neverwinter Nights. Some contain general information about the game and others cover existing mods as well as tutorials and info for creating custom content. I'll be adding more links related to this game and others in the future.

If you have a link that you would like to see added, please feel free to contact me.

Happy New Year! [ 01.01.07 ]

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from Warped Productions! I hope everyone had an enjoyable festive season with friends and family.

As a side not, just a little housekeeping around here. The site news from 2006 has been moved to the archives, and we are more or less starting fresh for 2007 on the news page. So if you are looking for something that was posted in the past year, you can still find it here.

Also, my mods have been mirrored at as well as been reviewed. Some have even been honoured with being featured mods. Thanks to Shem for taking the time to post them! My control of the Internet is spreading...