News Archive 2006 (post relaunch)

TSL: Imperial Knight Armour Mod Released [ 21.12.2006 ]

This mod adds armour, belt, gauntlests, gloves, and lightsaber based on the Imperial Knights from the Star Wars: Legacy comics from Dark Horse. These items are usable by most NPC characters as well as the PC.

The Imperial Knights were an order of Force-users loyal to Emperor Roan Fel of the New Galactic Empire in 130 ABY. They were fully trained in the ways of the Force, but the New Jedi Order saw them as Gray Jedi, as they swore loyalty to the Emperor above all else, including their devotion to the will of the Force.

You can download this mod here.

mjpb3's Mods Back Online [ 10.12.2006 ] is once again hosting all of mjpb3's mods for the KOTOR series. They have also been updated for use with the TSL patcher. So head on over there to see more!

KOTOR and Battlefront Not Finished [ 22.11.2006 ]

In an interview with Business Week Nancy MacIntyre, Lucasarts VP of global sales and marketing had the following to say about the company's future Star Wars plans:

"We feel like it’s really important to make each Star Wars game an event, she explains. “Our fans want a logical progression of the Star Wars story line, so we are committed to only two Star Wars experiences a year.”

She adds, “There will be one mega one like Star Wars ’07 and another that might be somewhat more specific, for more of a specific Star Wars audience. So in 2007 our primary goal will be Star Wars ’07 and you will see us do add-ons to our Star Wars Galaxies (MMO) and you will likely see us do some sort of Star Wars handheld game.”

Star Wars ’07 is the game that has been shown in tech demo form at a few conferences and via online clips. It looks great, as one would expect. Star Wars games, nowadays, are almost always good games.

But what of the future, beyond next year? “In 2008 and 2009 we start to run into the Star Wars animated series and potentially the Star Wars live action TV series,” she says. “There’s been a lot of speculation about what we actually have in development and that’s very closely guarded. I would say that if there’s Star Wars television programming out there that we’ll have games.”

MacIntyre continues, “We’ve also got Star Wars franchises like Knights of the Old Republic and Battle Front that we will not leave behind. It’s very important to us that we grow those franchises.” So the future of Str Wars includes new and old game-based IP as well as IP based on other spin-offs."

TSL: Imperial Knight Armour WIP [ 21.11.2006 ]

Working on a new mod based on the Imperial Knights of the Star Wars: Legacy comics from Dark Horse. The skin is based on the Zeison Sha Initiate Armor armour. Although it is not as close to the real thing as I would like, I think it is the closest I was going to get. I'm planning on adding some extra equipment items that hopefully reflect what these characters represent. If you want to follow the development of this mod more closely, you can pop over and check out the [TSL] Imperial Knight thread at Lucasforums. Screenies can be found there...

I'll be including a more accurate brown/red version as well as a more pleasing (to me) black/red version. There may possibly be different colours for the armour plating as well...

Sith Lords Cheat Codes [ 30.10.2006 ]

Added the excellent Sith Lords In-Game Console Codes FAQ by Max "Goaliexam" Cutler, an indepth list of all the cheat codes usable in KOTOR 2: The Sith Lords. It explains how to enable cheats and alter many aspects of the game, such as altering stats or gaining new weapons and equipment. I seriously recommend completing the game without cheats first, as using them can seriously affect gameplay balance.

Anakin Skywalker Model for JA by Hapslash [ 23.10.2006 ]

Continuing the legacy of producing some of the best custom models to grace the series, Hapslash has released the (very) long awaited Anakin Skywalker player model for Jedi Academy. The mod contains 6 different texture sets representing him at various points. You can get this brilliance at Jedi Knight Files.

New Models Released for X-Wing Alliance [ 23.10.2006 ]

Several new and upgraded models have been released recently for X-Wing Alliance. DTM of MDT Industries has joined the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project and contributed a beautiful Loronar Strike Cruiser model. On top of that, he has also created a custom model for the Ecliptic Class Star Frigate. Both are very worthy additions to you XWA installation.

Over at Vince T's X-Wing HQ they have released the awesome custom model, the Warhammer-Class Heavy Cruiser. It is a huge vessel of the "super" variety. It is a highly detailed model complete with interior hanger bays. Definitely worth the download.

You can find further information about these releases at Darksaber's X-Wing Station.

LFNetwork Server Crash Update [ 23.10.2006 ]

It appears that the LFNetwork crash has not led to the catastrophe that was first feared. Thanks to the tremendous recovery efforts of the staff, most of the data has been recovered. Most of the sites should be back to their old selves before too long.

LFNetwork Server Crash [ 18.10.2006 ]

The LFNetwork (host of sites such as,, etc.) has experienced a server crash and is currently attempting to recover lost data. It is unknown how long the process will take, but hopefully the sites can be returned to a reasonable recent state. Currently are up and running as normal...

KOTOR Comic Series Reviews [ 18.09.2006 ]

Jae Onasi from Lucasforums was kind enough to allow me to host her KOTOR Comic series reviews. This series from Dark Horse Comics is a new ongoing monthly series set four thousand years before the rise of the Empire and the fall of Anakin Skywalker (and eight years prior to the events in the Knights of the Old Republic video game). You can find the reviews on the Tutorials and Articles page.

Site Map Added [ 14.09.2006 ]

Got around to adding a site map. Problably nothing there that you can't find already, but hopefully as the site grows it will come in handy. So now there is actually something there when you click the "Site Map" button...

Fixed Some Dumb Mistakes [ 11.09.2006 ]

As it was brought to my attention in a not so suttle fashion by tk102 from Lucasforums, some of my links were pointing to incorrect sites (the horror!). Well, they have now been fixed, which no doubt makes this site completely error free! Also added a couple links, which hopefully aren't broken as well...

Mutsurugi Portrait for NWN [ 04.09.2006 ]

New stuff on Warped Productions? Can it be? And into new territory at that. Just a small mod that add new portraits to Neverwinter Nights in the likeness of the Soul Calibur character Mitsurugi. He is a samurai, and so the set is probably best suited for a combat-oriented character. It can be found under the Neverwinter Nights section of the mods page.

Warped Productions 2.0 [ 01.09.2006 ]

At long last, Warped Productions is reborn into a new (and better?) form. It has been streamlined to focus on the only things that the vast majority of visitors to the old site cared about: games and game mods. In that vein, Warped Productions will attempt to provide both game content and information to help other players create mods and content for their own games.

Currently, the site only contains mods and games that were available on the old site, with the exception of three old tutorials I wrote once upon a time relating to Jedi Academy modding. In the future, I plan to not only have new mods for various games, but other information as well. The mods will likely be on a bit smaller scale than some of my previous ones, but hopefully they will still be worth the time to download.

The hope is that this site will continue to branch out into games other than the ones seen here. This includes both Star Wars games and other genres, in particular X-Wing Alliance, Neverwinter Nights, and various sports games like NBA 2K6.

I welcome any comments. In particular, if you see any problems with this new site format (bugs and the like), please let me know. Hopefully the new design will be more accessable and make it easier to find things.