KOTOR Comic Series Issue 7 Review

by Jae Onasi

The latest issue of Dark Horse's KotOR comic features the headline “Out of the Fire, Into the Front Lines!”

Kotor comics, episode 7 “Flashpoint: Part 1”

The front cover teaser is “Out of the Fire, Into the Front Lines!” The creators weren’t kidding. Our motley crew of Zayne, Gryph, Jarael, Camper, and the robot Elbee have escaped from Taris. This episode finds them on the mining colony of Vanquo, located at the edge of Republic controlled space near the battlefront. Their immediate goal? Find food and supplies. Zayne and company successfully fake an attack by Mandalorians to clear out the mining colony to get those supplies. While they’re loading the supplies onto their ship, however, Mandalorians attack for real….

A new artist joined the Kotor comic team, and while he maintained overall consistency in style, he changed the appearances of the main characters, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically. Jarael and Gryph are a little different, but change was most stark in Zayne’s appearance. If fact, I almost didn’t recognize him when we first see his full face on page 6. Truthfully, I didn’t like the change. Zayne's facial structure has changed quite a bit, and he looks a little too old. He doesn’t have that same boyish charm that he had through the first 6 installments. I know the last few weeks have aged him, but not that much. I was hoping the artist would move back towards Zayne’s original appearance for episode 8, but the previews indicate that the changes are probably here to stay. In general, I did like how the action is portrayed and the use of color.

The story itself was done well. The author and artists all do a good job of capturing the intensity of both the Mandalorian attack and what happens to Jarael. The story moves along at a good pace, and the author does enjoy his cliffhangers here. The writer has kept up the fun banter between the characters. The exchanges between Zayne and Gryph were witty as always. At one point when talking about how they’d run out of food, Zayne notes that Jarael and Camper aren’t gourmets: “They were living in a dump when we found them.” Gryph growls back, “The dump has produced great gourmets, Zayne. Do not disrespect the dump.” In the last few issues, there have been hints at the possibility of a relationship developing between Jarael and Zayne. This episode we see Jarael swinging around Zayne’s lightsaber expressing some interest in the Jedi in general. Zayne quips, “You wouldn’t like it. My friends used to say ‘There is no passion; there is boredom. There is no ignorance; there is endless repetition.’”

While I had some issues with the art, the story is good, and overall I liked this installment. Issue 8 comes out in a couple days. My kids and I have been enjoying the series so far—we’re waiting rather impatiently for the next episode, too.

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