KOTOR Comic Series Issues 1-6 Review

by Jae Onasi

Dark Horse Comics has created a series based on the time period of Knights of the Old Republic.

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OK, I’ll admit it. I haven’t picked up a comic in a very long time. I think Elfquest was the last graphic novel I read. When I saw a Kotor comic book series, however, I was intrigued enough to check it out.

This series, published by Dark Horse Comics, started in January of this year. Six installments have been released, and the next one is due out on July 26th. The tale is set about eight years prior to the Kotor game. For those of you who are parents, I’d probably rate this ‘PG’ for content/violence. Language wasn’t a problem and the characters are sufficiently clothed that I feel comfortable reading this with my kids, and I’m pretty conservative.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have trouble drawing stick people, so the art wasn’t something I focused on. I noticed Zayne Carrick is cute, Jarael is pretty, and the close-up facial expressions are detailed enough to carry more subtlety than I would expect in a comic. For those of you who love details in robes and lightsabers, you’ll probably be pleased with what you see here.

The story starts out with a bang. On Taris, one inept but good-hearted Padawan named Zayne Carrick is trying, as part of his Jedi training, to catch a Snivvian smuggler named Marn Heirogryph (Gryph for short). Gryph’s always managed to escape Zayne—Zayne’s talent in the force is lacking, to put it kindly. Zayne finally manages to nab him, but as a result, he ends up arriving late to his own Knighting ceremony. He finds his fellow Padawans dead on the floor of the Jedi temple, surrounded by their Masters holding lit lightsabers. Zayne manages to escape and ends up joining forces with his nemesis, Gryph, in order to survive. Zayne’s master, Lucien, decides to frame Zayne for the Padawans’ murders. What is Zayne’s mission? Stay alive long enough to clear his name and find out why the Masters killed their Padawans. The issues that follow chronicle his antics at escaping Taris and the Jedi Masters while finding information on just why the Masters cut down their Padawans.

The plot twist in issue six was unusual enough that I’ve asked the comic book store owner to reserve a copy of issue seven for me. I’ll probably have him reserve the rest of the series for me, too.

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