Dead Ducks

dead ducks Dead Ducks is just a simple game. But more than a game, it is a stress reliever. Had a rough day? Life got you down? Well then Dead Ducks is the game for you! Although I don't condone the killing of real, live ducks, I do promote the senseless slaughter if video game ducks. In this game, if you are good, ducks will fall from the sky like snow on Christmas morning. So just take your video game shotgun, and do what comes naturally.


Before we get ahead of ourselves, you need to have the following:

Windows 95/98/2000/XP
DirectX 7 or later.

Installing the game is as easy as pie. Just unzip everything into the directory of your choice. Double click on the EXE to play...

Your Goal:

You start with 50 shotgun shells. You are located in a duck-infested area. As they fly back and forth, shoot as many of those feathered foes as you can. How many can you get with those 50 shells?


As you might expect, the controls for a simple game are quite simple. When the title screen comes up, just hit RETURN like it says and you are off and gunning. It's as easy as point and click. Just aim the target recticle where you want to shot, and hit the left mouse button. Then nature takes its course. Once you have fired your 50 shots, your score is displayed. Hit RETURN again do see the credits (Warped Productions). If you want to play again (and I know you will. Damn ducks!), just hit SPACE. If at any time you want to quit, just hit ESC...


Dead Ducks was written by Mike Roger for Warped Productions. It is completely open source, and you may use it as you see fit. Just give me some credit.

The duck graphics, title screen, and Warped Productions logo were created by Mike Roger. The trees and sky were created using free clipart.


Besides giving you endless joy and entertainment, I wrote this game to play around with DirectX 7 and learn more about it. I found doing this project helped me a great deal in my understanding. I have included all the source code, so if anyone wants to take look and see how a simple DirectX game might work, be my guest.