KOTOR Mod: Clone Troopers

clone troopers clone troopers This mod adds Republic Clone Troopers to Knights of the Old Republic. There are multiple armours and helmets of different ranks that reflect those seen in Attack of the Clones. Along with the armour the DC-15 blaster rifle is also available. In addition to adding new items, this mod also replaces the existing Republic soldiers with clone troopers. Carth Onasi is also replaced with a clone similar to the ones seen in Episode 2.

A big thanks to Bneezy, Xavier 2, and [STGN]Locutus working with me on this mod!

This mod is not compatible on its own with the stormtrooper mod. In order to use both the clone trooper and stormtrooper mod together, please download the patch below and follow the enclosed instructions. Thanks to ChAiNz for merging the files!

Part 1: Player Items

This adds clone trooper armour that is wearable by players and party NPCs. The mod includes both body armour suits and helmets, and they can be equiped independently of each other. Along with altering the characters appearance, the clone trooper armour provides the following bonuses to the player characters:

Body Armour:
Defense +14
Max Dexterity Bonus +0
Limited environmental protection

Awareness +4
Immunity to poison

Part 2: Republic Trooper Replacement

This replaces all the Sith troopers (the guys with the shiny metalic armour) with Republic clone troopers. All other features and behaviors of the Sith troopers will remain the same, with only their appearance altered.

Clone Trooper Mod Compatibility Patch