About Warped Productions

Warped Productions seeks to provide news and information about, and custom content for, various professionally and independently released video games. Warped Productions focuses mainly on providing game modifications. These games are mainly Star Wars related, although this site will not be limited exclusively to that genre. Warped Productions also releases small scale custom games as well.

In addition to releasing content, this site will also focus on providing information about how to develop additional and original content for games. Game modifications take many forms, from models to textures to code. Warped Productions leans towards the skinning/texturing aspects, but the other areas are covered in some detail as well.

Other types of gaming and non-gaming content and information may be added in the future...

Warped Productions started years ago as a personal website devoted to nothing in particluar apart from "stuff I like." It really didn't get too much attention until I started releasing small custom video games and later game modifications. During that time the site hoped from host to host, until I was lucky enough to get offered space and bandwidth by Echonetwork. With the latest site redesign, I'm aimed to make the latest form of Warped Productions more focused in terms of content that its predecesors.

If you wish to contribute in some fashion, please feel free to contact me using one of the methods listed under Contacts.

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